i am who i am

-Joseph Addison
Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.
-Lillian Dickson
appreciate what you have
don't waste your life trying to impress other people,
do what you want,love what you do
Gone with the wind
Learn from My past

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A relatively good girl which don't eat her veggies. A Super disney freak!Doggie and fashion was her passion..Money mean everything to her!Dream to be a sofisticated violinist.. Got a very simple life buthappy always and crazy enough!♥

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hey hey peeps how's going?
singapore trip too lots of photo and i'm damn lazy to upload it all arghh
yesterday was a family gathering with my mum's side members
actually the foods not so nice i prefer my grandmum's cooking!

epic face LOL

ui ui 气质美女~

with my aunty,omg i look like a giant beside her ='O

see my dad so happy ahaha

backpack my thing ready go back college holiday end so fast TT

i want a samsung galaxy tab too!!

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helo pepo i'm back,yes i'm back!♥
will upload a ton of picha wait me yoh!
stay tuned♥♥
happy chinese new year guysssss

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current status.
*miss my long hair*
ahloha updating again!♥
wondering why currently so hardworking hahaha!
holidays holidays holidays...yes i'm still in holiday status,
and guess what,is not fun at all,but is BORING!ew
most my friends are schooling but i'm like "free like nobody buisness"
huh,but is okay i gonna start my new semester soon,just like the last post mention,
improve social skills
herm should i take part in some school activities?yes,i think i need to do it although i'm shy to do it
i'm suck in social and lack of friends(i think)
people say college life is the best,erm i dont think so lor,or maybe my college life is just boring
my class DIA is just like 20++ peoples i think?so that's why i say my class is SUPER BORINGlor
so, decided to get involved and try to make more friends=)
*i'm super duper talkative but IDK why i'm so social awkward==

ok stop mumbling!
i saw something that so effin cute today in sin chew paper AND immediately google it
is like cute animals face painting on a stone and is so effin cute lo

sooooooooooo cute right?
not cute?cause you're not a animals lover like me=p
but the price is,hermmm around RM180++ per one.
my god too expensive although it is cute enough melting me!

i'm using hadalabo set now

is surprising me
i'm oily skin ,i use many product before,most of the cleanser make my face feel so effin dry
and my mum brought me to some beauty skin care and they told me i cant use typical cleanser
so i'm using their product quite a long time,but now i'm stop using them
cause  is so effin expensive,just cleanser spend me RM200++,and result is not so obvious also==
so i think the cleanser is the most important steps for me
the first time applying the lotion i was like,WTF WHY SO STICKY AND OILY?
i feel like want dump them into trash,
but after survey a lots internet, found out i 'm so stupid pour too many on my face that's why make my face look so oily sticky==
erm so the cleanser out of surprise,wont make my skin dry
and the moisturizers works well!
gonna try their whitening set afterward!

noob face mygad i look so darkkkk!arghh
see i am taller than my sister.

is just angle problem
i still shorter than her!=((
but is okay many people say i look younger*little sister*
and my sister look like*elder sis*HAHAHA#LAUGH LIKE BOSS

appreciate what you have
don't waste your life trying to impress other people,
do what you want,love what you do

although i still dont satisfied my current life and my camera!


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happy new year 2012
yup,is 2012
how your guys count down for your 2012?
i was celebrating with my friends  eating pizza and fun fries==
this is the very first time count down with my friends and guess what,we did the most stupid things ever
never count down/forget to count down
what?we are like waiting for the count down but chit-chating till i was looking at the time
me:huh?!is 12.07am?
everyone is like WHAT THE FUCK?
omg is so effing stupid!
And the second stupid things are bring my camera but forget to put in the memory cards.
so as you see this post are without any picha!haha YOU CAN KILL ME NOW
but does christmas eve can?
haha this is the most normal among all the picture i can found!

ok,stop fey-shui-ing and back to da topic
oh yes is 2012 but nothing happy,for me, cause that means i'm getting older and older.FML
But I'm so excited cause chinese new year is just around the corner hiak hiak!
yes i'm going to singapore this CNY that means no angpau money earn!SOB
but is okay i gonna take a ton of picture hahaha =p
so like 'recalled back 2011’ is seems like every common blogger did,so do I

hermm,recalled back 2011,
1.college life and knows a lot of friends and they are nice to me
2.finally i bought myself a semi-pro camie-my baby LUMIX LX-5

3.Dye a brand-new hair but phailed cause not i wan shitty
4.bought what i want and happy sastified with it!
5.meet some one is so fake but i'm not gonna say it
and ...............a lots but lazy to list it haha

wishlist 2012
1.World not end up at 2012
2.thinner and thinner,taller and taller
3.pretty pretty and pretty
4.improve my social skill
5.braver and challenger
6.learn makeup *i know i'm so out dont laugh okay*
7.hook a hansome guy as my boyfriend*dreaming lar*
8.earn more moneyyy!
9.the most important,get what i want !hahha
and i got a super crazy wish i gonna make it true before end my 18th,
C AND PS,(dont understand what i an talking?)guess yourself lar haha

so wish everyone had a happy new year,
everything best in 2012 and the bads stay in 2011

ps:发现美丽的女生真的好处多到不会讲,所以conclusion 是我要变美!啊

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罗颖欣好好爱惜自己,人生只有一次,加油吧 你还有很长的路要走、

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漂浮,by baby lumix

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